Commercial Neo Systems

Commercial Neo Systems

Neolysis, our most advanced water treatment

Models: NEO-50 | NEO-80 | NEO-120

Extensiones: R-040-1E | EXT-1 | EXT-1E | EXT-2


  • Salt-water electrolysis systems plus UV radiation, for use in commercial pools, for up to 120 gr/hr of chlorine
  • Operates with low salt concentrations (2 grams per litre)


  • Water suitable for irrigation
  • Double disinfection: UV + Electrolysis
  • No maintenance of salt concentration required
  • Maximum capacity for chloramine reduction
  • EX/LS Series electrodes (6,000-8,000h) and LP-HO UV lamps (13,000 hours)

Starting from: 6.588,00 €

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